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Dive Charters

Dive Charter Reservation System
This is the service every dive operator needs. For a small monthly fee you get your own web site hosted on our dedicated server, the reservation system and support for the software. This software puts you in total control of your business. Schedule dives, set pricing and allow customers to book all on-line. Support for on-line credit card processing through 2CheckOut and PayPal.

The dive charter system has 3 separate sides:

Customer Reservations
Customers login using the login button located on the bottom left of the calendar page. Each new customer needs to register to reserve seats. They are sent a password to their email address (this allows you an easy and effective way to contact them for special events and promotions). After receiving their random password, they may login and reserve space on your boat. In the customer area, they can view all scheduled dives they have and all past dives they have taken. They can change their password to make future logins easier. The customer is able to input multiple divers on their reservation or book your entire boat. If you enable credit card processing, they are directed to a secure processing page with the total for the reservation and they are required to pay in advance. You can direct the software to allow customers to book without having to go through credit card processing. The choice is up to you. Customers cannot delete their reservation, they must call or e-mail you to cancel.

Shop Reservations
Shop and clubs have a separate login from customers. The shop login can be found by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner of the calendar page. The software comes with a login program that shops and clubs can download from their reservation home page that will store their username and password. This allows them to just click and reserve! They can see your boats availability anytime, without multiple calls to you daily. The shop reservation side supports a multi-pricing structure allowing you to give them different rates than regular customers. You can set prices for ALL types of students as well. Shops are not required to pay to reserve spots. They can update reservations to add divers but they must call or e-mail you to cancel. Shops can only be added by you.

Administration login is done by clicking the login button located on the bottom left of the calendar page. Then click the admin login link on that page. From the administration page you schedule or delete dives. It has customer management, shop management, student check feature (allows you to easily see how many times a person has been classified a student and for what courses), outstanding balances feature, past charter feature, site activity log and charter management.

Online Demo

View our online demo here!

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By simply logging into your administration panel, you will have complete control of all aspects of your site. You can create new pages, edit existing pages, add dive events, change your site theme, add images, print dive manifest and more.

We give you a complete online tutorial and in just a few minutes, you will be running your site like a seasoned webmaster. We also offer a one on one phone training telephone call with one of our Training Specialists to help you learn all necessary aspects of your new website. We are here to help ensure you succeed!

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